Hamiltonian Fellowship program

Hamiltonian's mission is to build a dynamic community of innovative artists and effective visual art leaders by providing professional development opportunities to aspiring new artists and to advancing their entrepreneurial success. We believe that access to information and experience on how to navigate the contemporary art industry creates confident artists who make well-informed decisions regarding their careers. In turn, these artists will positively impact our society and the economy through the longevity of their careers. Our three core values are: Professional Development, Artistic Excellence and Community

Hamiltonian Fellowship functions as an “incubator” program for visual artists who are looking to transition into a professional art career. Our goal is to provide artists with valuable commercial gallery experience, a wide network of professional contacts and basic entrepreneurial and business skills to become creative innovators beyond their tenure at Hamiltonian.

The Hamiltonian Fellowship and Benefits  

Some specific fellowship benefits include:

  • An annual focus exhibition at the gallery;
  • Two annual group exhibitions at the gallery and/or at an offsite art space;
  • Mentorship opportunities by established artists and art professionals;
  • Studio visits and monthly discussions/critique with coaches and gallery staff ;
  • Professional Development Speaker Series and lectures from influencers in the art community;
  • Business, grant writing, and career development;
  • Representation by the Hamiltonian Gallery for the duration of their fellowship;
  • An annual stipend of $2,000.
  • Opportunity to participate in art fair programming
  • Post-fellowship career assistance

Hamiltonian Fellowship program

The Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship serves as a steppingstone for emerging visual artists who have  finished their academic training and are looking to transition into a  professional art career. Inspired by the post-doctoral education model  of the sciences, the fellowship program seeks to create a stimulating  environment for continued artistic and professional growth.

who should apply

Hamiltonian Artists encourages all  interested artists who are not commercially represented to  apply for this competitive, two-year fellowship program. Artists from  around the nation are eligible to apply, but should consider the strong participatory nature of the fellowship program. Learn more about the Fellowship Program here.

how to apply

All applicants must prepare the following and fill into text fields within the application.

1.  A letter of interest

2.  A resume/CV including contact information for two references.

3.  Ten (10) work samples (Accepted formats: pdf, jpg, gif, mp3, mp4, m4a, png, mov, avi, mpg)

* For new media artists, individual samples of videos should not be more than 3 minutes in length.

Please label each image file with the name of the piece and your initials, not your full name.  Correct: PG_untitled2.jpg    wrong: PhilipGrain_untitled2.jpg

4.  A correlating list of works, including title, media, dimensions and year executed (in MS doc)

5.  An artist statement 

6.  Although not required, you may  submit up to 3 other supporting materials such as press coverage,  reviews, and other public write-ups about you or your work (in PDF)

7. $30 application fee

For more information about the Hamiltonian Fellowship visit www.hamiltonianartists.org and for questions e-mail apply@hamiltonianartists.org.

Hamiltonian Artists